Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Barf on the Bus, Mouse Ears and Other Randoms

I'm not at home today (it's my week at work) but apparently the stomach flu has hit our house for the third time in two weeks! Poor Miss Sassypants tossed her cookies on the bus this morning. That's not fun for anyone! I feel bad for her friend that sits with her, the bus driver, the other kids and of course for her. Nothing more humiliating then bringing up breakfast in front of your pals.

Apparently the dog threw up too. So nobody is safe! Ha.... She's been looking a little sheepish (for a dog) the last few days so I have a feeling a visit to the vet is in order. As I mentioned in a previous post, our pup has a short vejayjay which causes her to have bladder infections. Yay! The only issue I have is that, unlike us humans in Canada, our dog doesn't get medical coverage. So you know that vet visit will cost you something for sure. Plus the cost of dog antibiotics. Boo....

On the weight loss front, I've had three people comment this week that I look thinner. That's always the best kind of weight loss victory! On top of the way I look, I feel so good having returned to my daily exercise routine. I have so much more energy, my anxiety is under control and I feel so much happier!

And where do happy people love to go..... (Horrible segway) Disney World! Yes friends, the Batkis clan will be piling into the old SUV for a three day drive to Disney World where we will spend 5 glorious days sucking up all the happy that Disney has to offer. I am so excited!!!! I won't say exactly when we are going, (I don't want to invite people to rob me when we're away) but it will be before summer. This trip is also going to get my butt into high gear when it comes to losing weight. I want to look extra cute when I'm lounging by the pool in Florida. Not to mention, I'll need the energy to zigzag all over the place with the kiddos.

Here's hoping we are all illness-free by the time we get to the happiest place on earth! But I suppose if you're going to throw up, a Mickey Mouse themed bathroom isn't so bad.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Chicken Wings = 18, Me = Goose Egg

Electric Honey, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Salt and Vinegar, Sour Cream and Onion, Nacho Cheese, Perogy, Maple Bacon and Poutine. Those are the different varieties of chicken wings my friends and I sampled last night at a neighbouring town's bar. Yup.... It was chicken carnage.

I was apprehensive about going to wing night since I'm trying really hard to be good with my food choices. Had I known I was going out for wings earlier, I probably would have had less calories earlier in the day so I could spare a few to enjoy the decadent, sticky, gooey, crunchy awesomeness those chicken wings had to offer.

By the time we were done attacking those poor helpless chicken appendages, I had eaten at least 18. Not chickens, wings. At around 160 calories for 3, it was a caloric nightmare. I could beat myself up for it all week, but at the end of the day, not only did we get a delicious treat, we had such a fun time hanging out which made it all worthwhile. And today is a new day! I've been eating very nutritiously and plan to do my treadmill run later, so I'm back at 'er and hope to still post a loss for this second week of our biggest loser challenge.

If anything, after the Christmas food coma ended and I started getting back into my healthy lifestyle groove again, I feel lighter, more energetic and generally happier. I have mostly cut out soda (except for when I go out) and this has been huge for me. I've also been staying away from simple carbs (white flour and white sugar) and focusing on fruits, veggies and lean protein. And water, water, water..... I've never drank so much water in my entire life but it feels so good to crave it and have it with me all the time. We keep a pitcher of lemon water in our fridge which makes drinking it that much more appealing.

So yes, I did lose the chicken wing battle last night, but I enjoyed every little morsel and had a BLAST with my besties. And at the end of the day, that's what life's all about; being good most of the time but giving into those moments when you allow yourself to be just a teeny bit naughty. I'm such a bad a$$.


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Flat on my back

I am trying to be active and healthy and then my back gives out on me. I have been lying on my back all day. It is loosening up now... Thank goodness! Just wanted to share a few killer recipes I made yesterday. Both clean and both delish!

Black Bean Brownies

BLT Salad

Saturday, 11 January 2014

What is it Lassie? Did the baby throw up in his room?

I don't know about any of you but I get freaked out when our dog starts acting funny. Like when she whines for no reason, or circles around one area for a long period of time. I truly think dogs are extremely intuitive and are highly sensitive to things we as humans can't even comprehend.

Last night, after falling asleep watching Ghost Busters on the couch with my hubby, (by the way, best movie of all time), we made our way upstairs. The kids had been in bed for a few hours at this point, sound asleep. Hubby and I finally get ourselves tucked in and started getting romantic... with our smart phones... when the dog started whining and pacing around our room. We had just let her out to pee before we went upstairs so I was pretty sure she didn't need to go again. That being said, she has been known to have chronic bladder infections which makes her pee a lot. Apparently it's due to her abnormal vagina. I kid you not. Holly has a short vajayjay. Our vet said she may need vaginoplasty. If anyone is getting one of those, it should be me after pushing two kids from my loins. I'm not paying for our virgin dog to have one. That's just not fair. Oops, sorry... Slightly off topic.

So the dog didn't have to pee. I was pretty sure about that. So I say to my husband, "does it freak you out when the dog acts like this?" He asks, "why?" "I just get the feeling that she senses something I don't. Like there might be a fire starting somewhere in our house. Or there is a rapist hiding in the basement. Or you forgot your blood pressure pills or something," I explain.

She kept crying so I decided to get up and investigate. As I entered the hallway between our rooms, she immediately made her way for Ben's door and cried. Okay. So this must be the issue. I was so scared! My mind went to the worse case scenario. I'm going to find my little buddy lifeless in his crib. There was a story on the news about a mom who found her son dead in his crib a few days ago and it has been on my mind ever since then. I decide to open the door and immediately hear him breathing. Phew.... Thank goodness he is okay. But what is that smell?? I thought maybe a really bad poop but as I approached the crib I realized it smelled more like barf. I turn on the hallway light and sure enough, poor little guy had thrown up in his crib, on the floor, on his pjs and had fallen back asleep in his mess. I'm not sure how I missed him getting sick. I didn't hear him cry or make any noise at all. I felt so bad for the little guy. Mr. B says, "I guess Holly is our Lassie."

Hubs tackled his room while I cleaned him up and changed his clothes. Baby B stayed in bed with me, which I don't mind because he is not the most snugly of kids. I selfishly enjoy those moments when my kids just want to curl up with me. Mr. B took the couch. None of us slept well but thankfully he hasn't thrown up since. Miss Sassy Pants had a flu this past week and I supposed it has made its way to Baby B.

I guess the moral of the story is that our dogs, despite the fact they eat dirty diapers and piddle on the floor when company comes over, are actually pretty smart. And they are the guardians of our families. How will I reward our Holly girl today? Probably an extra treat or two. Maybe I'll let her sleep on the couch for a few minutes. But she is definitely not getting a vaginoplasty. Ever.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Remember me?

I remember the days when I used to blog religiously back in 2006-2007. I'm not sure what happened to those long lost days but I sure have been a slacker in the last few years when it comes to blogging. Truthfully, I like writing blogs. For a few different reasons. First of all, it's good practise. Since my job actually requires that I write thoughtful and interesting things in order to earn an income, this is definitely a muscle I should be flexing more often. Secondly, I love the funny little things that happen in life and I like sharing them. Those quirky little blips on life's radar are the meat and potatoes of life, and sharing those moments is a way we as fellow human beings can connect and interact.

There isn't much going on in my life right now. Still at the same job (going on 10 years!!!), still married (going on 9 years!!), still have two kids that drive me absolutely bonkers but I love them so much it's sickening. I told my husband this morning that our little bugger is so cute I just wanted to bite his face off. I don't know what that means, other than maybe I have a zombie complex? Too much Walking Dead maybe!? I come by biting honestly though. My memère used to give us what she used to refer to as "love bites". This basically gave her permission to bite us. Not hard or anything. Not 'CFS call' worthy or anything. Just little nibbles on the neck or the earlobes. Totally harmless stuff right? Doesn't everyone's grandma bite them? What? Is that weird or something? Hmmm....

Little Miss Sassy Pants is getting taller yet some how manages to stay the same weight. So as you guessed it, the girl is a bean pole. Skinny... Super skinny. I keep throwing pork chops at her but they don't seem to stick. Lucky girl though.... Good metabolism. Kind of jealous...The best part about her getting taller but never changing waist size is that I can let her wear the same pair of pants for years. They start off as pants, the next summer they become capri pants and then the following summer I can cut them into shorts. This principle also works for dresses. When they start to get a little too short, we just throw her capri pants under them. Boom... Money saving tip to you from me. You're welcome. (disclaimer: I do not condone starving your child to save money on pants and dresses. Children should be fed reasonably so as to not appear gaunt and pale.)

As my daughter seems to stay the same size for years, I have gained some weight over Christmas. Meh, what are you gonna do! It happens. But I'm doing a weight loss challenge for the next six weeks and hope to get back to my weight loss plan. I had lost about 20 lbs last year and probably 40 lbs over the course of 8 years so by my calculations, I should be at my goal weight by the time my seniors discount kicks in. Dream big or go home, right? So if I decide to continue to blog every day, which I would like to do, I'm going to document my weight loss journey. I'm turning 35 in February. I want to spend the remainder of my thirties as a healthy, fit senorita. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Where Have I Been?

I remember a time when I was such a dedicated blogger. One of the greatest highlights of the day was finding those few precious minutes to update my blog with the day's musings. For what ever reason, I had such great intentions with my all-new blog but things got in the way. Summer, work, life... I guess that's it. I was too busy enjoying life to write about it..... No, that's not really true. I was just lazy.

Quite a bit has happened in the last few months. Hubs got a new job which he seems to love. It requires some travel but he works from home so I actually get to see him more! I returned to working part-time as my maternity leave was over. Bittersweet leaving the little man but it's been nice going to work and using that other part of my brain that went dormant while I was at home for a year.

My big girl is in grade one and seems to have the grade one attitude to go with it. Ah well, what are you gonna do? It's all part of growing up and becoming more independent. That being said, I'm not looking forward to 7 years down the line when I have a full-blown teenager in my midst. Yikes.... I'll need medication I'm sure.

We had a full summer of camping (lots of camping), beach trips, lazy days in our backyard and lots of sun. Even baby B sported a sweet tan. With his platinum white hair, he looked like a surfer dude all summer. It was awesome! A big highlight for us was our trip to Lilac Resort where we went on water slides for 5 days straight. We were the first ones in the pool every. single. day. We definitely got our money's worth.

Next week my baby is turning 1! Where did time go? It's a confusing time for a mother. As he's learning to walk, eating more like a little person and learning about his world, all I can think about is that I'll never have a baby again. Yes, he'll always be my baby but I won't ever have a tiny infant. No more nursing, no more baby smell... I'm finding this pill really hard to swallow. The hubs does not want anymore kids but I'm still on the fence. I really do have an addiction to babies. Can you blame me really? Oh wait... They grow up and start to talk. Mostly about how you make their lives difficult. Hmmm.....

That's the summer in a nutshell. I'm looking forward to see what the lovely crispness of fall has to offer. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Entertaining the Troops

It's spring break in our neck of the woods which means I have the two kids all day and every day this week. I love having my girly home because I do miss her when she isn't around. Since she was little, I've always told her she is my best friend. I truly feel that way! I love going out and doing things with her from shopping to pedicures to lunch dates. We have a blast together! I'm so lucky to have a daughter and a son. I really do have the "million dollar family" as so many people tell me.

In order to keep her stimulated this week, I'm trying to line up activities that will keep her busy and that are baby friendly too. On today's agenda, the original plan was to have a picnic with my friend Joce and her kids K and E. K has been one of Miss Sassypants' best friends since she was about 2 years old and they are always so excited to see each other.

Turns out that today's weather was probably the worse it's been in weeks! It was cold and rainy, and as the day progressed the rain turned to sleet than snow. NOT picnic weather. So we had to figure out plan B. We decided to have lunch at our house then head over to a public pool for the afternoon.

We got to the pool at 11:15am and it was already packed. I guess going to the pool is everyone's rainy day activity during spring break. Despite the crowd, we all got in our suits and headed into the pool.

This was Mr. Crankypants' first time in a pool so I was a little worried he wouldn't like it much. As we entered the water (which they keep warm in the kids pool), he gasped and grimaced and I thought "that's it, he's going to hate this." But I did what any mom would do and smiled, trying to convince him that it was the funnest place ever. And after those first few grimaces, he was fine. He never complained the entire 2 hours we were there! He loved the water. He kept squealing with joy and puffing out his chest like a little peacock. He seemed so pleased with himself.

Despite the little guy's ease in the water, I'm not gonna lie, it was chaos in there. At one point I turned to Joce and said: "You know what this reminds me of? The scene from Titanic when the people are in the water drowning and it's just splashing and screaming everywhere." She agreed. It was a lot to take in. I'm so glad the baby enjoyed it and didn't freak out. Miss Sassypants is a guppy so she was in her element being at the pool again. I'm so glad my kids love the water. They come by it naturally. I've always loved the water too. I'm an Aquarius after all.

After a busy day of swimming, we were all pretty tired. After dinner, baby girl and I played a game of Skip Bo or Spite and Malice as some people know it. My mom and I taught her how to play this weekend and she's actually really good at it. The game says ages 7 and up but she's totally getting it. I'm glad because it's a really great way to sharpen her math skills.

After our game, we were watching Dancing with the Stars and she told me that when she grows up, she wants to move to California to be a dancer on the show. She said she wants me to go to each performance unless her husband is working than I have to watch her kids. Oh my gosh.... Where does she get this stuff from? I tried not to smile or laugh as she was getting deeper into the conversation because I knew if I laughed she would stop telling her story. I just nodded and tried to keep my cool just so I could hear the whole tale. She's so funny that kid! Yesterday she told me, "you're the first and best mom I ever had."

Miss Sassypants, you're the first and best daughter I ever had too. True and true.